Watch Wyoming Skies

The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, had everyone focusing on the daytime skies. Thermopolis was dead-center for “totality” — seeing the complete solar eclipse. But don’t let the fact that the 2017 eclipse is past keep  you from watching the skies in Wyoming. In our wide-open spaces area of Wyoming, it is easy to […]

Worland Woodturners Featured in State Publications

Worland Wyoming Woodturners is being featured in two state publications. Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine includes a two-page story (p. 24-25) on “Finding Creative Connections in Wyoming.” Sam Angelo, Worland, who started the Woodturners organization, is interviewed, along with Barrie Lynn Bryant, Kirby. Read it at Angelo’s specialty is fine art pieces, as well as how-to videos […]

What Difference Does the Arts Make?

Forget about the “soft” quality-of-life values of the arts — creativity, critical thinking, improved physical and mental health and skills — the usual things advocates say about the value of the arts. The arts and culture industry is also big business and a major economic driver in states and communities of all sizes. The U.S. nonprofit arts […]

Lessons from Heart Mountain Internment Camp

Japanese-American boys, Raphael Weill grammar school, taken by Dorothea Lange in 1942 just before they were sent to American imprisonment camps with their families. UPDATE – September 2017 – Now when our nation is being torn by racial divisions and a swelling in hatred and misunderstanding, it is especially important that we remember what happened when […]

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