Solar Eclipse, Night Skies & Devil’s Tower

The upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, has everyone focusing on the daytime skies. Thermopolis is dead-center for a good view of the eclipse (if it does not rain). But don’t forget to check out the night skies as well. In our wide-open spaces area of Wyoming, it is easy to see the sky […]

Big Horn Basin Folk Festival Call for Entries

The Arts is Important Part of U.S. and Local Economy

Recently, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and Public Media (public radio and television) have been targeted to be de-funded from the federal government. Some of our government officials and the public may not understand the not-for-profit world — how seed money provided by these agencies requires raising additional dollars — and how so […]

August Solar Eclipse Update

The first total solar eclipse in the continental United States in nearly 40 years takes place on Aug. 21, 2017. Thermopolis, Wyoming, is in the direct path. Beyond providing a brilliant sight in the daytime sky, total solar eclipses provide a rare chance for scientists to collect data only available during eclipses. NASA is funding […]

Storytelling Workshop Scheduled

Adam Miller, Oregon, autoharpist and storyteller, will conduct a workshop for those who want to learn to tell stories or to hone their presentations.  The event is being sponsored by the Big Horn Basin Storytellers Guild and Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation. The workshop will be held at Hot Springs County Library, Sat., Sep. 23, […]

Thinking about Future: State Park Master Plan

Editor’s Note: Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation has supported improvements in Hot Springs State Park, including a Nature & Discovery Center and a Children’s Nature Park. Both of these projects have been included in the 20-year plan. We will continue to support improvements that enhance the natural features of the park and its economic impact […]

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