Festival Event: Library Friends Present Program from “Great Brain” Series Aug. 6

Members of Friends of the Library are helping in the Storytelling Circle Tent at the Big Horn Basin Folk Festival, Sunday, noon, Aug. 6 in Hot Springs State Park. Friends’ member Becky Hutson will be leading a special program with Thermopolis Middle School students and others. Here’s how she describes it:

“Storytelling can take many different forms. We are going to read a story about life in a small Western town at the turn of the last century. The Hutson family will be enacting a chapter from the “Great Brain” series by John Fitzgerald. These are stories our family has read for two generations. We are not a professional group, but we have entertaining in our blood. Great-grandpa was a traveling minstral. His love of music was passed down to his grandson Harold, who plays lead guitar and sings with the Prairie Grass band. Great-grandson Harold Jr. plays bass for his church worship band. And the great-great-granddaughters have performed with the Missoula Children’s theater. The families are also active in church and school choirs and plays. We hope you enjoy this presentation!”

Bring the kids and grandkids!