Flagship Romance House Concert Aug. 21

Flagship Romance, a duo from Florida, will be the featured group at the August 21 House Concert at 7 p.m.

Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson make up the romantic duo with the well-matched voices. Their debut EP, The Fudge Sessions, was released in January 2013, and a crowd-funding campaign raised enough for them to cut their first full-length album, Fee Fie Foh Fum. 

Another overwhelmingly positive Kickstarter campaign ensured that Flagship Romance could craft 2017’s Tales from the Self-Help Section, employing a subtly richer sound and new vocal approaches by Jordyn.  It is a personal, largely self-examining and emotional 12-song opus, documenting “the little victories, failures and lessons” Shawn and Jordyn have experienced during the last couple of years, “mostly dealing with the battles of ‘being present,’ and living with depression and anxiety.”

Proceeds from the House Concert Series helps support our Arts in Education programs in the schools.