Johnny B’s Rhythm of the North Comes to Thermopolis Nov. 30

“Johnny B”– a piano legend in his home state of Alaska — will perform in Thermopolis, Nov. 30, 7 p.m., in the Hot Springs Co. School District Auditorium. His presentation, “Rhythm of the North,” combines his dynamic piano playing and a multi-media show of Alaska nature.

John Bushell (alias “Johnny B”) has been performing since 1957. He holds a degree in piano from Berklee College of Music, Boston; and a masters of educational media and technology. He has performed throughout Alaska and the Northern and Northeastern states, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming. (He served as an artist in residence at Brush Creek Ranch, Sheridan, one year.)

While in Thermopolis, he will do a two-day artist residency in the Thermopolis schools, including a high school music workshop and assemblies for both the elementary and middle schools.

For a sample of Bushell’s work:

Rhythm of the North (demo)

Eyes of the Eagle:

Or check out his website: is