We are never too young nor too old to strike out along a new path – to reach beyond a dream.Our Mission – to add value to our community and region
What We Believe
What We Value
What We Want to AccomplishOur Mission – to add value to our community and region

Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation organized in the fall of 2002 to fill a growing void in the community – with fewer opportunities for arts and humanities programs and hands-on activities.
The organizing documents were filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State in February of 2003 and State of Wyoming incorporation status was received March 7, 2003. The Foundation is exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). In March of 2006, the Foundation filed and qualified for exemption from Wyoming sales/use tax under W.S. 39-15-105 and 39-16-105, 1998.
The organization is governed by a board of directors. A director manages day-to-day operations. A volunteer education director works with the schools to coordinate programs and activities.
Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to the public. For more information: hsglf@rtconnect.net. We welcome participation and support.What We Believe 

  • We believe in people – that rural areas should have the opportunity for experiences that nurture inter-generational, life-long learning.
  • We believe in service – creating partnerships that help us all achieve our goals — offering our hands in service to friends, neighbors and visitors.
  • We believe in dreams – finding ways to develop strategies that enhance Big Horn Basin’s role in preserving, documenting and supporting who we are, what we do and where we live.
  • We believe in work – to turn those dreams into a reality that makes a difference for our community, the region and the state.

What We Value

  • We value the power of ordinary people to make extraordinary things happen.
  • We value hands-on, minds-on activities that can build confidence, strengthen character and spark interests that create richer and more meaningful lives.
  • We value our sense of place in the American West, where we have the opportunity to learn first-hand about living with our natural resources and finding ways to balance humankind and nature.

What We Want to Accomplish

  • Create extraordinary learning experiences that can enrich the lives of all generations.
  • Nurture the creation of traditional and contemporary skills and crafts.
  • Promote a sense of place throughout all levels of formal and informal education.
  • Unlock the natural mysteries of our region and how to sustain and balance its biodiversity.
  • Serve as a resource of information to share our cultural history and knowledge.
  • Use today’s tools to help our rural region thrive in the 21st century marketplace.
  • Let others know what we want to accomplish.
  • Evaluate and adjust to changing needs.