The documentary, LEGEND ROCK: Preserving Ancient Visions, premieres at the
Hot Springs Historical Museum on Tuesday, October 26 at 7 p.m. Produced by
award-winning Big Horn Basin video production company, Cloud Peak
Productions, the documentary will be followed by a panel discussion with key
players in the Legend Rock preservation efforts:  Hot Springs State Park
Director, Kevin Skates; Assistant State Archaeologist, Dr. Danny Walker; and
Worland District BLM Archaeologist, Mike Bies.

Over 300 ancient petroglyphs cover a mile of sandstone cliff at Legend Rock,
northwest of Thermopolis, Wyoming.  In 2006, vandals attacked the State
Historical Site and attracted nationwide attention.  The half-hour
documentary LEGEND ROCK:  Preserving Ancient Visions chronicles the
world-renowned site and the efforts to save its unique stone images.

“Some images at Legend Rock may date over 6,000 years old,” according to
Assistant State Archaeologist and project advisor Dr. Danny Walker.  “They
are not only the oldest in Wyoming, but may be the oldest in North America.”

After the 2006 vandalism, a host of archaeologists and volunteers stepped
forward to document and save the site.  The documentary follows their work,
including the new scientific use of photogrammetry, a 3-D imaging process.

Produced locally by award winning Cloud Peak Productions, Greg and Debbie
Hammons of Worland, the documentary captures the remote beauty and mystery
of the site.  Interpretations by experts bring deeper understanding of the
marks left by Wyoming’s earliest inhabitants.

“Many of the folks here in the Big Horn Basin are unaware of this
world-class site in their own backyard,” said Producer-Writer Debbie
Hammons.  “We hope showing this program will inspire folks to come and see
it first-hand.  It’s a powerful place.”

The program will be broadcast statewide on Wyoming PBS, Thursday, October
28, 7 pm.

The program was funded in part by the Wyoming Humanities Council and
sponsored by the Hot Springs Chapter of the Wyoming State Historical

Barb Vietti
Hot Springs County Chapter, Wyoming State Historical
Society, (307) 864-4099

Debbie Hammons
Cloud Peak Productions, LLC, (307) 347-2847 or