Zoe for all Reasons, Famous at Last

by Ellen Sue Blakey

Zoe is a very special dog who keeps Fremont County resident Marta Amundson in line… or stitches. She especially loves a good holiday. Now she has her own book!

I’ve been reading about Zoe for several years now. She shows up in my email usually around a holiday, wearing an appropriate¬†costume, and despite a busy schedule, I can’t help reading what Zoe has dictated to her home owner, Marta Amundson. (I don’t think Zoe would be pleased to be “owned” by anyone; she thinks it is the other way around.

Marta’s an acquaintance of mine. I knew her when she quilted a lot, and she said a lot with her quilts — literally. She wrote messages on them — front, back — and they were beautiful from all directions. Lately, though, Zoe has been a focus. Zoe’s descriptions of her rural life at the end of the road in Fremont County, Wyoming, are droll and definitely all dog.

Zoe’s adventures were doled out sparingly, and most of us saved them to savor. Now Marta has published Zoe’s letters in Zoe’s own book, “A Dog for all Reasons: Lessons from a Wyoming Cowdog.”

It’s on Amazon, available in large paperback or ebook format.

Zoe’s message: “Fun! Fun! Fetch the book now! Make me famous!”