By conserving wildlife, we ensure that future generations can enjoy our natural world and see the incredible species that live within the wild.  We need to learn how the species interact within their ecosystems and how they are affected by environmental and human influences.

We, as humans, have a responsibility to protect endangered animals in wildlife, as we know that plant and animal species are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem.  We also need to know that each of the species that is lost leads to the loss of other species within its ecosystem.

We are dependent on a healthy ecosystem for clean air, water, and land.  Because without plants and animals to keep our ecosystems balanced and purified, we do risk our own life.  Protecting endangered wildlife includes protecting our plants, which in turn protects the land we work on for food and this is needed to survive for humans.

Natural areas in the U.S. and wildlife activities like zoos and woodland hikes are huge tourist attractions.

How Can We Help to Save and Protect Wildlife?

What is within our control is deforestation, land development, recycling, and educating ourselves on how to better take care of the environment.  Individually we may not be able to stop deforestation and land development.  However, there are plenty of ways we can do our part to sustain the wildlife around us and the world we live in.

We just have to be willing to do the research and take action.  It is our responsibility as the most technologically advanced species to cultivate this connection, not dismiss and destroy it.  Do the research and help save our wildlife.  Together we can make a difference!