An association will keep its members engaged, even in a tight economy.  They will do what they can to support you in every aspect possible.

With so many causes, products, and advertisements competing for money and attention these days, it takes more to acquire, keep and engage the members.  They may value your organization; members facing a difficult economy are looking for tangible value.

How professional associations can provide professional development opportunities?

You can get free or heavily discounted membership as a student and entry to events and conferences. In addition, there will be opportunities for networking and professional development. Students have access to research in areas of practice, quality, and innovation. Focus groups are specializing in specific areas of the industry.

Benefits Of Joining A Trade Associations

Joining trade associations offer their members access to job listings that may not be available on other websites such as LinkedIn and Seek.  Offer Professional development, latest industry knowledge, networking, and enhance your resume. Offer training and education.  Networking is the most common and most obvious benefit of joining a trade association.

Why association or trade advertising benefits advertisers

With trade advertising, the audience is smaller, but it can target the right community. The advertising is more cost-effective, and the advertising content can be better tailored to the audience. You can reach a more niche audience in a less competitive ad environment.


Recognition is always a good thing.  Thank board members and other volunteers for their efforts. Motivate members and staff to higher levels of achievement.  Give a sense of belonging to essential role-players and establish your organization as a valuable entity.